Fortin Group currently has no plans for re-development.

We are actively participating in the City’s Downtown Livability Initiative to better understand the needs of residents and business owners, and how we can work together to enhance the quality of life, and quality of experience, for users of Downtown Bellevue.

Fortin Group is invested in the long-term success of Downtown Bellevue and we appreciate opportunities to work collaboratively with residents, City Staff and Officials towards building a healthy, pedestrian friendly community for residents in and around the Downtown.

CLICK HERE to access background materials, reports, Citizen Advisory Committee meeting minutes and schedules, and public engagement events from the City of Bellevue.

The Citizen Advisory Committee completed its work related to the Livability Initiative at the June 18th, 2014 public meeting. A summary of the CAC’s work and recommendations is available HERE

The Planning Commission completed its work related to the Livability Study and associated Land Use Code updates at their May 24th, 2017 meeting; audio recording of that meeting is available HERE. The Planning Commissions recommendations are expected to be submitted to City Council at the Council’s Extended Study Session meeting on June 26th, 2017. City Council will continue to review and hear public comment regarding the Livability Study and associated Land Use Code updates prior to making their final decision - multiple meetings for meaningful discussion are expected, however additional meeting dates are not known at this time.

All above referenced meeting dates yet to occur are based on current information and scheduling - please confirm all meeting dates, times and locations with the City of Bellevue.

We endeavor to provide up-to-date information here and in our News section as related to the Livability Initiative and encourage participation in the City’s public process.


Downtown Livability